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Glossary with Pictures


Stud earring:
Studs are mostly constructed at the end of a post and penetrates straight through the ear and have a screw back to hold the earring in place securely and does not loss easily that’s why stud earrings are mostly used for precious stones / diamonds.

Hoop earrings:
Hoop earrings are circular or semi-circular and look similar to a ring made with metal wire or tubing. Traditional hoop earrings were round however as trends changed variations were made it to look more attractive and trendy like changing its shape and hoops with charms, stones or ornaments hanging from the hoop.

Dangle earrings:
Dangle earrings flow from the bottoms of the earlobes. Available in different lengths, sometimes long enough to touch the shoulders. Dangle word itself describe the nature of these earrings i.e. the earrings that hangs.


Huggy earrings:
Huggies are a commonly used type of earrings in which the earrings settings is as it hugs your earlobe or the earrings touch the earlobe from front and the back. Usually in round shape these earring are available in different type of earrings mostly the one mentioned in the picture.

What is Prong Set?
In prong settings the stone is held in little metal claws or by prongs. This setting is very safe so usually used for precious stone where there is minimal risk for the stone to be dropped from the ring. Mostly single diamond rings has the diamond with prong setting.


What is channel setting?
In channel setting diamond or gemstone rests in a metal channel in a way that each gem is located adjacent to the next in a line between two metal lines. Channel set gems are round mostly, but can be baguette or square cut as well.

What is pave setting?
In pave setting small stones are as close to each other as possible, so that the jewelry piece looks paved with stones.


What is Bezel setting?
In bezel setting the stone or diamond is surrounded by a precious metal border completely to give it a look like picture frame.

What is Baguette cut?
Baguette cut diamond is rectangular-shaped with rows of step-like facets. Baguettes are often used as the side stones in ring mountings to enhance the setting of the larger stone. In the picture blue stone is baguette cut.

What is Brilliant Cut?
In brilliant cut diamond cutting comprises of usually 57 or 58 facets. This cut is mostly round and referred to as a round brilliant cut. Other shapes are also available in brilliant cut.

What is Princess Cut?
One of the new fancy cut, the princess cut is a square cut faceted diamond or gemstone.

What is Radiant Cut?
The radiant cut is a brilliant cut square or rectangle with faceted corners like the blue stone mentioned in the picture.


What is Rose Cut?
An older type of gemstone cut with faceting that has a flat base and pointed, Top usually has 24 triangular facets. The basic rose cut has a flat base without pavilion and a crown composed of 12 or 24 facets in a symmetrical arrangement, which rise to form a point like in picture.

What is mixed cut?
Mixed-cut stone is usually formed from both step and brilliant cuts. Brilliant cuts add more sparkle and diminish the appearance defects to increase diamond’s appeal.

What is tension post?
Tension post is back is with a thread and an ear nut that tightens earrings against the earlobe from backside.

What is a saddleback backing?
Saddle back earrings are closed with a saddle and in a hole to safeguard it from dropping.

What is a hinged backing?
Hinged back earrings are huggy style earrings where the earrings hugs the earlobe from both of the sides.

What is Omega backing?
Omega backs are clip on with a thread to fit in a ear and tighten the different type of earrings mostly the one mentioned in the picture.

What is Fish hook backing?
Fish hook backings are in the shape of fish hook mostly used for light earrings.

What is clip-on back?
Clip on backs has a clip on the backside, used for both pierced and non pierced ears. See instructions before buying.


What is lever backs?
Lever backs are in rings that closes in backside of the earlobe.

What is Screw Back?
in screw back ear nut that screws onto a threaded earring post, these svrews are usually used with diamond stud earrings.

What is Solitaire?
A single stone ring or pendant or the mounting of a single gemstone.


What is carat?
A unit of weight used for the measurement of diamonds and gemstones. 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Carat gemstone weights are usually rounded off to the nearest one hundredth.


What is Karat?
A measure of purity of gold. 24K is pure gold. 18K means 18 parts gold and 6 parts off other metals. 14K means 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals and similarly in 10K gold 10 parts is gold and 14 parts are other metals.


What is Clarity?
Clarity is the measurement of the internal flaws or inclusions in a gemstone that were formed in creation process. The clarity ranges from FL (Flawless), means that the diamond / stone has no internal or external flaws, to I3 (severely included), meaning a diamond has many flaws noticeable to the naked eye.


What is Rhodium?
A white, high quality metallic element that is electrically applied to base metal, silver, or white gold to create whiter and shinier surface of metal.


What is Platinum?
Platinum is a rare and pure precious white metal use for making jewelry.


What is Sterling Silver?
Sterling Silver is pure silver mixed with copper to be .925 fine, .925 fine meets the requirements to be labeled as “sterling silver”


What is Vermeil?
Silver or sterling silver with white or yellow gold plating


What is Gold Filled?
Gold filled jewelry is not actually filled, but it is made of metal usually brass or copper covered by sheets of gold in a mechanical bonding process.


What is Gold plated?
A thin coating of electroplated or mechanically plated gold on top of a base metal, base metal can be any metal use to make jewelry.


What is Facet?
A Facet is a flat polished surface of a diamond or gemstone.

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